An exciting start to the year

The year has begun and what a fun way to kick-start the "Infinity year!" I have been working on many enjoyable projects and can't wait to show you what I've been shooting so far.

Ike Behar New York arrives to Miami

The successful menswear company that brings luxury tailored suits to a well dressed man in New York has finally made its way down to us in Miami for its new ad campaign, with no lack of that "Behar" touch. Pops of color combined with classic tailored suits give a warm introduction to spring.

Swimwear for Spring 2015

It's swimsuit season and these girls are definitely looking hotter than the sizzling sun! My thanks goes out to Wilhelmina Miami for collaborating with me on this project, as well as Nycole Sariol for styling this shoot for me.


Deborah Rosenberg

I was asked by Ocean Drive Magazine to photograph one of Miami's jewels of the Interior design world, Deborah Rosenberg. Her eye for combining textures, colors, and even scents when designing a home or space are so exquisite! It was really a delight getting the chance to photograph her.


Lost Boys Dry Goods

Another project that I was commissioned to shoot was photographing the owners, Randy and Brian Alonso, of Lost Boys Dry Goods, which is located in the heart of downtown Miami. Their family, which came from Cuba in the 1950's, to open a well known store called "La Epoca," were also located in downtown Miami. After their parents passed away, Brian and Randy decided to carry on the family tradition, by opening their own storefront, literally across the street from their parents old store. The moment you walk inside you are given a sense of nostalgia and family tradition, which was what the boys wanted to create in this store, homage to their own family and its traditions.

John R. Wood Properties

I had the pleasure of producing a winter ad campaign for John R. Wood Properties, a luxury realtor firm in Naples.